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Tiếng Anh giao tiếp – Bày tỏ sự tức giận

Mỗi người lại có phản ứng khác nhau khi cáu bực. Ở bài học tiếng Anh giao tiếp ngày hôm nay, EFA sẽ giới thiệu cho các bạn một số các câu nói quen thuộc để bộc lộ sự tức giận. 

Học tieng Anh giao tiep - Tưc giận 4

“I’m so frustrated.”

It’s so frustrating working with him.”

“I was so frustrated, I stopped caring about the outcome.”

“He gets mad pretty easily.”

“It’s easy to get frustrated when things are not fair.”

“I’m not really mad, just a little disappointed.”

“That really hurt me. I’m so disappointed.

“I’m really disappointed in you. I didn’t know you could stoop to that level.”

That was low.”

I can’t believe Jackie would do something so low.”

Học tieng Anh giao tiep - Tưc giận 2

Khi thể hiện sự tức giận, thông thường người ta sẽ nói kèm cả lí do gây ra sự cáu giận đó.

“I’m so pissed. Roger just stabbed me in the back.”

“What was he thinking! I thought we were friends too.”

“Matt is dating my ex-girlfriend. I’m pretty upset about that. He knows I still have feelings for her.”

“Whenever I think about him, I get pissed. He treats his friends like crap.”

“I can’t believe he was talking behind my back. Whenever he talks to me, he acts like we’re close friends.”

“Matt borrowed my car and put a dent in it. He claims he didn’t do it. I’m never trusting him again.”

“I told Scott a secret and made sure he never tells anyone. The next week, I heard it from three different people. I was so pissed.”

Học tieng Anh giao tiep - Tưc giận 1

Khi có ai đó tâm sự với bạn về cảm giác cáu bực của họ, hãy thể hiện sự chia sẻ và cảm thông.

“I can’t believe that happened. I’d be so pissed.”

I know how you feel. I was so angry when that happened to me.”

“If that happened to me, I’d get revenge.”

What are you going to do to get him back?”

That totally sucks, but I’m not surprised. I always knew he was a back stabber.”

The best thing to do is stop being his friend. He doesn’t deserve to have any friends.”

Học tieng Anh giao tiep - Tưc giận 3

Dưới đây là một số ví dụ về những câu thường nói khi đối diện với người khiến cho bạn bực mình.

“I thought you were a friend. I had so much trust in you. I can’t believe you did this to me.”

What were you thinking when you stabbed me in the back. Did it feel good?”

Why’d you do it?

“You know I still have feelings for Mandy. You didn’t even consider my feelings. What? Am I not a friend or something?

“You’re not the only one hurting for money. You owe me five hundred dollars. I need it now.”

“You didn’t have to tell my parents that I owed you money. I said I would pay you back when I got my paycheck. I can’t believe you would do this.

Học tieng Anh giao tiep - Tưc giận 5

Khi bạn làm ai đó bực, hãy tỏ ra hối lỗi.

“Are you mad at me?”

“Are you angry?”

“You’re not disappointed are you?”

“Don’t be angry with me. I really didn’t mean it.

“I didn’t know you were involved. I hope you’re not mad at me.

I really didn’t know it was going to make you upset.”


Hy vọng bài học trên đây sẽ giúp ích cho các bạn trong giao tiếp hàng ngày.

Tham khảo thêm các bài học thú vị về tiếng Anh giao tiếp tại đây

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